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Q: What areas do you service?
A: Hamish MacHairy's is currently operating from my home address in Clifton Springs.

Q: How often should dog grooming and clipping be done?
A: How often you have your dog groomed professionally depends on your personal preferences, circumstances and the type of coat your dog has:
The majority of clients using my dog washing service range from fortnightly to monthly.
For dogs requiring haircuts I generally recommend between 6 to 12 weeks depending on your dogs coat type and condition and the clip you prefer. 

Q: How much does mobile dog grooming cost?
A: The cost of my service depends on the breed and size of your dog, the condition of its coat and the service you are needing, as every dog is different and requires a personalised groom. To receive an estimated cost please contact me via my mobile so we can discuss the needs of your dog.

Q: What do you include in your mobile dog bathing service?
A: Our dog wash generally includes:
  • A thorough brushing.
  • Heated fresh warm water for every dog.
  • Dog ears checked and cleaned.
  • Dog nail clip.
  • Dog eyes cleaned.
  • A towel dry or blow dry.
  • A choice of hypo-allergenic shampoos.
  • Deodourising Cologne.
  • A doggy treat at the end of every wash.

Q:  What does your coat clipping service include?
A:  Our dog grooming and clipping service includes:
  • A wash as above.
  • Depending on the dog's coat, a basic tidy up through to de-matting, full summer clips and styled grooms.

Q:  What shampoos and colognes do you use?
A:  We pride ourselves on providing products that are gentle, hypo-allergenic and bio-degradable. If using medicated products we do this in consultation with you.
We use an oil-based cologne that offers lasting scent without irritating your dog's skin.

Q: I can't seem to get on top of fleas on my dog. What's your advice?
A: Fleas live mainly on the ground so not only do the fleas on your dog need to be eliminated, but also those in their environment.
We recommend a product that stops the lifecycle of the flea of your dog. Additionally we recommend washing their bedding and treating the fleas in their environment.

Q: How often should I book for a dog nail clip?
A: All dogs' nails grow at different rates depending on the dog's environment, breed and age. Nail trimming should be done regularly to avoid scratching, overgrown and broken nails and painful movement for your dog. 

Q: My dog hates having a bath. Can you help?
A: At Hamish MacHairy's I pride myself on caring for every dog I deal with. We can help by gently training your dog over a period of time to enjoy having a bath. I do this by making the bath a pleasant experience for your dog with warm water, pampering and reassuring and, at the end, a doggie treat.

Q: My dog's coat is knotted and matted. How can I take care of it between dog washes?
A: Dogs must be regularly brushed, particularly long haired and double coated dogs. We can advise on the right brush and technique to get rid of tangles, matting and undercoat in your dog's fur.


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