About Us

Dogs and their welfare have been a lifelong passion for us.
We established our business in 2007 so we could turn our grooming for show and fun into a business and based our name and logo on our first Westie, Hamish. We have a family of furkids at home - as well as Hamish we have Peanut the Cavoodle, Monty the Pug x Jack Russell (aka The Naughtiest Dog in the World!) and Milly the Foxy x Jack Russell, all of whom rule our roost! We are also home to two cats and our chook family. 
Unfortunately, as at 2017, Steve has continuing problems with his back which prevent him from working in our business at this time so I am currently operating one trailer that services the Bellarine Peninsula townships.
I genuinely love spending my day with dogs and know how important it is for owners to have a groomer visit who treats their pet like their own so I prides myself on gentle grooming to make your pet feel secure and happy, hence our tagline:
"We groom your pets with loving care."
We support local rescue groups and encourage all owners to adopt a pet or buy from a registered breeder - ADOPT DON'T SHOP!